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Trends to Watch for Corporate Events in 2022

The year 2022 is in full swing as events are already getting started. The corporate events industry has completely changed in the past few years, and it will, without a doubt, continue to evolve  and bring many trends in 2022. 

As we are slowly transitioning into our new normal, the way we gather is also changing. In the last year, we saw a peak in the online event as COVID-19 mutations caused tight restrictions on in-person events to continue. 

Now, we are seeing a gradual shift in how events are adapting to this new world, along with evolving expectations of attendees. Let’s check out the top 5 corporate event trends for 2022!

Trend 1: Shift to the Hybrid Event

hybrid event

The most prominent trend of this year will be an increasing number of hybrid events, combining both virtual and in-person elements. Even as life returns to “normal,” 71% of event professionals want to keep some virtual components in their events. 

Hybrid events will flourish this year because they combine the best of both worlds, digital and physical. Providing audiences with an in-person experience where they can socially distance creates much anticipated, exciting, and engaging live events. 

At the same time, offering a virtual component gives your event the flexibility and adaptability that we’ve gotten used to for the last couple of years. 

Trend 2: Sustainability is a Necessity

Sustainability will be the main focus in 2022, not only in the event sector but in all aspects of life. Companies, agencies, and groups will be held to the highest standards this year for actively reducing the carbon footprint of their operations. 

Event management will need to assess the environmental impacts of their events and determine what changes can be made to prioritise sustainability. In fact, 92% of professionals in corporate events believe sustainability should be integrated into the sector

However, only about half are actually working towards this goal. 

It will be critical for staying ahead of this trend to stay competitive in the event sector of 2022. For example, the event planner will need to integrate sustainability in every aspect of their events, including types of event spaces, disposable product usage, and carbon emissions from travel. 

As a result, the digital event has been a positive trend for sustainability, as it reduces the carbon footprint drastically compared to a physical event.  

Trend 3: Emerging Event Tech

event tech

As it appears that some virtual elements will always be a part of our events, event technology is continually improving with no sign of stopping.

Technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and machine learning (ML) will drastically alter the event experience as we know it. In addition to that, 360-degree live video technology will also become more prevalent to create a more immersive experience for the audience. 

Event organisers must take advantage of these innovative technologies to create the kind of event experience audiences expect in 2022. 

Trend 4: Diversity and Inclusion

A continuing trend that will gain more importance as 2022 progresses is diversity and inclusion. Having a diverse speaking panel or inclusive event marketing is no longer an option–it is an expectation that will not be compromised by attendees. 

It is essential to consider the different perspectives of a diverse set of audiences. By doing so, event professionals can create an inclusive and welcoming experience for everyone.

Diversity must be prioritized at all levels of an operation, not just the audience. It means that high-level decision-makers, event planners, and speakers should also be diverse in their backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. 

Without this step, an event cannot inclusively cater to diverse audiences. 

Trend 5: Need for Refreshing Engagement

event experiences

As virtual and hybrid events have become the norm, audiences’ expectations are bound to change as they become bored of the same repetitive event experiences. 

In 2022, event management should reconsider how to engage and captivate attendees. More tools that encourage audience engagement and networking opportunities, such as polling, team building activities, and breakout sessions will be crucial. 

Other ways to improve the audience experience can be gamifying certain parts of the event, where members can compete against one another and feel part of something bigger. 

People need more than ever to feel a sense of community, and well-prepared events can provide that authentic engagement and connection.

Adapt to Event Trends 2022

The year 2022 will be a time of growth, adaptation, and reconnection, and events will play an integral role. 

People are looking for seamless and authentic event experiences that create a sense of belonging and community. Event professionals will have to step up to provide engaging, inclusive, and sustainable events this year. 

It will require top-of-the-line technology that can provide event planners with the ease and functionality to create a flawless experience so audiences can connect, collaborate, and enjoy. 

So continue to adapt to these ever-changing trends, and may the year 2022 allow events to continue to provide people from around the world a place to gather and connect.