Event Promotion Ideas for Online Events & Hybrid Events

Organizing live events is a difficult task by itself. However, even a perfectly designed event cannot achieve desired success if it does not attract engaged participants. For this reason, promoting events is one of the most critical factors that determine the success of events. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most significant strategies for promoting your online and hybrid events. So, if you are ready to be inspired by creative ideas to promote your event, let’s start by defining hybrid events and online events, as well as the differences between the two first!

What Are Hybrid and Online Events? 

With the effect of the pandemic, the interest in digital events has increased considerably. However, with online events, it is not possible to reach all possibilities offered by a physical event. That’s why online and hybrid events that blend these two event types have become recent corporate event trends

Online Events 

Online events are organizations where all guests and speakers participate via digital channels. Many types of events such as webinars, Q&A sessions, and panels can be organized online. These events are super favorable due to the minimum level of physical conditions that guests must offer.

Hybrid Events 

Hybrid events, on the other hand, combine the one-on-one interaction and high-level networking opportunities of physical events with the ability to engage a much larger virtual audience. It provides many aspects of freedom to both guests and speakers while building brand-new interaction methods between physical and virtual attendees.


Ideas to Promote Your Hybrid and Online Events

You may be familiar with these concepts since many of us participate in online or hybrid events. Now we will go one step beyond the definitions and explore how to promote these events.

The process of promoting online and hybrid events, which have entered our lives and occupied an important place with the development of technology, differs from traditional event promotion.

We have compiled some effective event promotion ideas for you. By implementing these ideas, you can attract a qualified but large audience to your event.

Create a Solid Event Website 

It is very important to have a website specially designed for your event. It is a must for your potential guests to reach a compact source of information about the event, especially for digital events. 

This website must provide information about the speakers, place, and time of the event. Your event page should include planning elements such as the event calendar. It can also contain content about past events. Of course, in order to effectively use your event website with social media and other digital elements, sharing buttons are also must-have requirements.

If a website is designed correctly, enriched with event branding elements and strengthened with SEO optimization, it can become a flagship in promoting the event.

Benefit from the Power of Social Channels 

Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels in creating an audience for digital events. Each social media platform has its own language, and when the right platforms are combined with the right promotions, a wide and relevant audience can be reached. So how can you use this power effectively?

You should start with creating social media accounts with a unique tone for your event, and do not hesitate to post frequently. Increase interaction opportunities by generating creative and interesting hashtags for your event. Also, don’t forget to benefit from trending hashtags that are relevant to your event when creating content for it.

As the next step, you should identify trusted influencers on social media who have an audience that might be interested in your event. Boost the interaction of your communication channels on social media by having these influencers talk about your event.

When you have full control over social media, try to take advantage of other social channels as much as possible. It makes a big difference when most visited blog posts or podcasts mention your event.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy 

Reaching your potential participants via email lists is one of the fastest and safest ways you can follow. However, simple and non-personalized emails can be pretty weak at attracting attendees.

That’s why you should differentiate your mail from ordinary campaign mail and design them specifically for segmented target audiences. When users see topics they are interested in and aspects of an event that appeal to them in your emails, they will be much more excited to participate. You should also support each email with a call to action to mobilize your audience.


Value Users from Any Location 

It can be quite difficult for audiences living in different time zones to attend your event. When a potential attendee observes the event schedule, if they do not see a schedule that covers their active hours, they may choose to not attend the event. 

Then, how to cope with time zones? The answer is easy, you can plan additional live sessions at different time slots for important topics that make your event attractive. You can choose local guests for these sessions. These small additions make a big difference in spreading the word.

Offer Incentives for Desired Actions 

You can make your guests part of your promotional plan with incentives that will push them to speed up their participation decision or invite other participants. Don’t forget! The more special your guests feel, the more engaged they will be to your event.

Offering special opportunities to early birds may push the participants to make an early decision so as not to miss these opportunities. In this way, you will have a solid audience at an early stage, and it will be easier for you to shape your organization. 

You can also make it attractive to invite other participants by creating invite only privileges for your attendees. Thus, your guests will be promoters of your event for you.

Give Your Guests a Chance to Win Perks

Any organization that creates competition ahead of the event will generate a high amount of interaction. If you identify privilege packages and give your guests the chance to win these perks, you will both attract the attention of a wider audience and get your guests excited about your event.

Games, contests, and giveaways are great elements that can create this competition.

Let Your Speakers Promote Your Event 

For a strong influence area you need strong speakers, the closer to the top of the field the better. Mention the speakers, the heroes of your event, often. While having key speakers is an attraction factor that increases your ticket sales, you can still encourage your speakers to make announcements about your event to influence their audience.

Get Support From a Team Experienced in Event Planning 

Now you have discovered tips to make the promotion of online and hybrid events effective.

However, online and hybrid events are complex organizations that require every element to work in perfect harmony. Experience is crucial when organizing an event. If you want to be prepared for all possible problems and organize your events much more successfully, you can contact Crowdsol’s experienced team and get the support you need.

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