Essential Security Measures to Apply in Hybrid Events

The conditions created by the pandemic have generated a desire for contactless communication in people. Remote communication possibilities are also becoming more advanced every day. These two situations make hybrid events more attractive than ever before. 

This type of event includes the one-to-one communication and physical interaction possibilities of physical events and the flexibility and accessibility of online events. It does, however, include security risks that both types of events may encounter. For this reason, it becomes vital to take well-thought-out measures specific to hybrid events.

If you want to keep the safety and security of participants at the maximum level in your hybrid events, you will find the cornerstone information that can change your entire perspective in this post.

Security Measures to Keep Your Participants Safe 

Hybrid events contain many physical and virtual interaction possibilities. Creating a security plan for hybrid events necessitates equal attention to both paths. So, since knowing how to do this is key to organizing a successful event, let’s take a look at measures that will turn both the virtual and real world into a safe haven for your participants.

Organize the Event Venue 

It is vital to know your event venue’s internal structure and develop event strategies accordingly. The size of the venue and its ventilation facilities are essential criteria for determining the maximum number of people who can participate in the event.

At the same time, it will be necessary to leave distance between the seating areas for events such as seminars, or the booths for events like trade shows.

Limiting participation by considering these factors will make it easier for you to ensure the health safety of participants.

You should also consider having an area where people can obtain masks and hand sanitizers that they can reach at any time. The easier the participants can get the safety products, the more they can direct their focus to the main elements of the event. 

Of course, you should make sure that emergency response tools, such as fire extinguishers, are also available in the event venue.

Hand sanitizer

Contact Your Participants in Advance 

Some of the security measures you take may come as a surprise to certain participants. It may be challenging to keep participants who encounter unexpected processes within the confines of security procedures.. Therefore, try to inform your participants about security measures and what they need to do for their safety. For example, with a simple email, you can ensure dozens of participants to quickly adapt to security procedures.

You can also request health documents, such as a vaccination card or statement of health status, from your participants. It will make it easier for you and your participants to specify these requests in advance and, if possible, to enable them to deliver what you have requested online.

Keep Informing Throughout the Event 

Although you have already determined the procedures and informed your guests, the situation can become quite complicated during the event. For this reason, you should keep informing your participants with announcements or information cards as long as the event continues. In this way, your guests who rush around during the event will not overlook any details.

Ensure You Have Enough Security and Information Staff 

Guests need reliable people from whom they can get information in difficult situations. At the same time, there is a need for a security guarding team to take action in cases where security procedures are violated.

For this reason, you need to make sure that the number of security and information staff is sufficient and qualified to serve all guests. You can support your security staff with tools such as security cameras. The healthier the participants’ communication with the event organization, the faster they will find a solution to their problems.


Keep Registration and Participation Processes Under Control 

It’s hard to ensure that uninvited guests won’t be a threat to your security. This is especially true in the virtual environment, as event participation is easy. It would be best to prioritize supervision of the registration and participation process.

It is not difficult to run the registration process and match registration IDs with the guests who will physically attend your hybrid event. However, it is tough to take precautions during your virtual guests’ registration and participation process. 

Because virtual participation to live events is usually provided via a simple link, it isn’t easy to prevent its circulation. Moreover, it is challenging to ensure that the attendees are registered to the event with their real identities. So, how can you cover such a process?

With options such as mobile confirmation during registration, you can ensure that your participants are your actual audience. You can take measures to restrict link-sharing or increase your control by requesting additional information for participation.

Take Cybersecurity Measures 

Cybersecurity measures are your virtual solid security team. If you prepare in advance, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of a security breach. Some of your virtual attendees who have bypassed the security procedures may be saboteurs. However, keep in mind that the saboteur does not necessarily have to be one of your participants.

No matter what cybersecurity measure you take, it isn’t easy to control the security of your virtual audience’s network. Attendees from public networks can especially create serious risks. If possible, take measures to encourage your guests to connect from private networks.

Keeping your security tools up to date and providing cybersecurity training to your staff against security breaches can improve your strength in event security services.

Plan Exit Procedures for the End of the Event

Flawless crowd management in the exit process is crucial for security in hybrid events. Not all of your guests enter the event area simultaneously but they usually leave at the same time. Planned exit procedures ensure the safety of your participants by minimizing close contact. 

Get Feedback on Event Security

After the event, identify your flaws by asking your participants for feedback on your security measures. In this way, you can perfect your security measures at your future events with small touches. Don’t forget! No one can be a better mentor than a participant who has experienced the event.

Collaborate with an Experienced Event Management Team

We have reviewed essential measures, and their implementation will undoubtedly be a big step forward for event security. However, implementing security measures in events is far more complicated in practice than you may think. Even one single problem can cause the whole process to fail. For this reason, it is necessary to make a strong risk assessment at every stage.

Event planning experience is the most critical factor in taking all measures in the correct order and harmony. If you want to offer an impressive and advanced event security partner, you can trust Crowdsol‘s team full of experienced event planners. Crowdsol takes care of all necessary details for your event to be perfect and ensures that both the event owner and participants have a flawless experience.

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