A New Way of
Connecting Engaging Meeting Socializing Communicating

Let’s talk about the new way of creating, hosting and managing virtual events!

By event planners for event planners.

Introducing Crowdsol.
We're about to take off.

What you're currently seeing is a glimpse into a new way forward in the world of events. We are redesigning, re-engineering and re-inventing how events work in the modern world. Here is a teaser of a soon-to-be-launched virtual event platform, featuring a new brand, a new business model, and a totally new way of connecting, creating and communicating.

Simple Steps to Launch, Short Time-to-Event

Technology makes events better! Our pre-configured and agile services lets you set up and launch your event quickly. 

Our years of event experience and years of best practice are now a part of our state-of-the art technology.

One Platform, Different Events & Experiences

Crowdsol is the industry leading platform for conferences, trade shows, company summits, award shows, concerts and any other type of event you would like to bring together your attendees, sponsors, speakers and customers.

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