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Crowdsol is powered by our team of superstars to create the next unicorn. Join us on our crowd journey and be a part of our dream!

Who are We?

We're a remote-friendly global team of event professionals who took this challenging yet enlightening journey to build the next generation event platform from the ground-up to bring desired crowd together – whenever and wherever.
Since the very beginning, we’ve joined our forces around the guiding principle “The Crowder, The Better.” and designed an ecosystem that consists of results-oriented team players, working to purse both individual and collective goals.
Because only when we do get together, we are powerful, meaningful and can become one, as a community. After all, as the brand name suggests, we are in the business of “crowd solutions”.

Our Values

Our values are like our DNA. In everything we do and in every decision we make, we always put our values first as a priority, as a vision to deliver crowds.

Focus on solution,
the rest will follow.

We always work to provide smart solutions on every level and in every situation. It’s not just with technology, but with our expertise and hunger for innovation. For us, it’s an opportunity to broaden our skillset and discover our own potential.

Build bridges,
not walls.

We’re here to make the crowd community’s lives easier. With every new feature and service, we aim to make them feel they are cared for and not alone. It’s about building bridges, not walls. It’s about being considerate
without any borders.

Be an expert,
lead by example.

We are not just a platform. We are event management professionals with extensive experiences throughout the years. We treat our team and customers with the utmost professionalism. We lead the way and we’re here to translate vision into reality.

Set high standards,
be the change you seek.

With a Challenger mindset, we have our own unique beliefs about how event management should be handled. Our standards are high, so are our expectations – to make better our products, our people, our place. It’s because we’re here to create a meaningful change in the industry.

What do Crowders say about Crowdsol?

Hande Uyanık

Content Specialist
Istanbul, Türkiye
I’m always being challenged, enrich my know-how with such a powerful team. Here at Crowdsol, there is something new to learn, every day and all the time. Being able to work from anywhere is a BIG PLUS.

Murat Bayburtluoğlu

New York, USA
At Crowdsol, we don’t have any physical boundaries to dictate us on where to work! Different cities, different countries, and different time zones. We work from anywhere, any time zone, any country which makes us boundaryless.

Georgia Otelea

Key Account Manager
London, UK
Crowdsol is all about its people: supportive, collaborative, and creative. Together we work hard to assemble the "pieces of the puzzle" and deliver the best event management experience to the world.

Mesut Saran

Senior Business Analyst
Istanbul, Türkiye
At Crowdsol, there is an environment where we can show all our creativity, express our ideas comfortably, and bring them to life. It gives us the opportunity to research, learn and implement in many valuable areas.

Eda Pelin Aksu

Marcom Manager
Istanbul, Türkiye
Being part of a product like Crowdsol at grassroots level has been the highlight of my career journey. The collective effort it takes to create and scale a brand like this is a lot, and Crowdsol gives you the chance to realize and actualize your vision with an A+ team.

Seyhan Bakır

Backend Dev. Team Lead
Istanbul, Türkiye
Working at Crowdsol means finding solutions to different technical problems every day and working excitedly to provide a better event experience in the cloud with first-class team members.

The benefits of working at Crowdsol

Hybrid work model

Hybrid Work Model

Whether go to our office or work remotely,
simply anywhere is your office.

Flexible work schedule

Flexible Work Schedule

We value Crowders' priorities. That's why
we don't stick to the 9-to-5 workday rule.


Educational Reimbursement

We provide opportunities to improve the
skill set of Crowders - on their own or with
fellow Crowders.

Employee stock option

Employee Stock Option

When you invest in your future, we do too.
That means we're in this crowded journey
together. So, we will win together.

Paid Holiday and Sick days

Paid Holiday and Sick Days

Work smart, not hard. Unplug and take the
time you need to refuel and recharge.

100% flexible

100% Flexible Benefit Program

No rule, no limitation. Choose what benefit you
like and focus on your wellbeing. It's your extra
in addition to other benefits.

Based in London. Work from anywhere

Latest Open Positions

Want to join us on our journey? We are always looking for talented, passionate crowders to help us
develop and deliver our vision. We are looking for new team players from

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